Midwest Cycling Podcast Episode 1: Cole House, Professional Cyclist

Here it is everyone, the podcast you've all undoubtedly been waiting for: The Midwest Cycling Podcast with Mark & Sean! (Do you italicize podcast titles? I don't know!) Our plan with this thing is to showcase the people, places, and events that make riding bikes in Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest so awesome. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. It's a learning process for us, so we'll be perfecting our craft as we go. Kinda like racing yourself into shape. We're super-excited to have Cole House on the podcast as our first guest. Initially we were hoping to keep the show to about an hour, but we ended up talking to Cole for almost three hours! (Don't worry, we edited it down to less than two hours.)

 Cole House racing at WORS Camrcock. Photo courtesy of Gary Smits and  xtrphoto.com

Cole House racing at WORS Camrcock. Photo courtesy of Gary Smits and xtrphoto.com

The Interview

Most people probably don't know this, but we have known Cole since around the year 2000 when Mark and I and Cole and his whole family raced for the Valley Bike & Sport mountain bike team. That was shortly after Mark and I got into bike racing, and when the House Family switched from BMX racing to mountain bike racing. Since then, Mark and I have become cycling schlubs, while Cole has gone on to be a successful pro bike racer. 

Our interview covered so many topics it's hard to believe we were able to edit it down to one hour and 44 minutes. And even at that, there was a lot we wanted to talk about but didn't get to. Don't worry though, there's some great stuff in here. For example, Cole tells us how he got his start in bike racing on the BMX track in Oshkosh, WI and why he made the transition to mountain biking. We also talk about racing fat bikes and fatbike racing, and Cole drops some awesome strategies and tips for mountain bike racers. Sure, normal people like us probably can't do the things Cole explains, but it's fascinating to listen to some of the tactics a professional mountain biker uses to gain advantages on his rivals. 

We should mention that we talk a lot about one of Cole's sponsors, Broken Spoke Bicycle Studio in DePere, WI, and that shop's owner, George Kapitz. So when we mention "George", that's who we're talking about. Be sure to check out the links to Cole's sponsors below; we discuss most of them in the interview. 

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