Midwest Cycling Podcast Episode 11: Danny Hill and Todd Poquette of the 906 Polar Roll

Well, here we are, once again with Todd Poquette, talking about biking in Marquette, MI. This time, though, we were able to get his partner in crime, Danny Hill on the show, too. Why? Why are these guys back? That's because registration has opened for the 906 Polar Roll and we wanted to know: What's up with these guys and the epic rides they put on? We wanted to know what's in the water in Marquette that makes life there so epic? And could they send some our way? 

Seriously, though, if you remember our conversation with Todd from a couple months ago, Danny was unable to make it due to technical difficulties. So we're happy to have this second opportunity to talk with Todd, and to be able to connect with Danny. These two guys will get you excited about mountain biking and fat biking in the midwest. And if you listen to this and you don't get excited or curious about mountain bike up in the U.P., check your pulse, because you're probably a podcast listening zombie. Which, as far as zombies go, isn't so bad. But we wish you a speedy recovery, nonetheless. 

What do you mean you can't recover from being a zombie? 

Sorry, I digress. 

 If you can't find Todd, blame Danny. 

If you can't find Todd, blame Danny. 


In this week's interview, Danny and Todd told us all about the 906 Adventure Team, and their rolls in putting together the 906 Polar Roll. They also explained some of the challenges in putting this race together, not the least of which is wondering what Mother Nature has up her sleeve. We also asked them to describe their individual rolls in making events like The Polar Roll and the Marji Gesick 100 happen, as well as their jobs on race day. Todd and Danny will be the first people to tell you that it takes a village to make these events happen, but as you'll hear, it all starts with these two guys. So if you're participating in either of these events in 2017, you know who to blame. 

 Don't let the smile fool you; like  Ivan Drago in  Rocky IV  , Todd is trying to break you. 

Don't let the smile fool you; like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, Todd is trying to break you. 


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