Midwest Cycling Podcast Episode 2: George Kapitz & Sarah Hardy of Broken Spoke Bicycle Studio

This week Mark and I traveled to Green Bay, (or was it DePere?) and spent some time with George Kapitz and Sarah Hardy of Broken Spoke Bike Studio. This was our second interview, and our first in-person interview. Typically we will be doing these things remotely since Mark and I and our guests all live in different cities. But not this time, my friends! This time we were lucky enough to sit face-to-face with our guests. We did a lot of talking and a lot of laughing, all over a couple beers. It was awesome. We're glad to have had the chance. 

 Sarah and George about to leave for a ride from Broken Spoke at the City Deck in Green Bay.

Sarah and George about to leave for a ride from Broken Spoke at the City Deck in Green Bay.


Have you ever experienced peer pressure? Has it ever caused you to do something stupid? Something you almost immediately regretted? Well, Mark and I have. And you'll hear it in this interview. George and Sarah are persuasive individuals! Among other things, we covered the history of Broken Spoke Bicycle Studio, which George started in his garage; the Marji Gesick 100 mile bike race and 50 mile run; super-light fat bikes; Salsas; and something called "Hot Dogging." 

That last one might be a bit of a mystery to you, but all I can tell you here is that it's not what you might think it is, but it's exactly what it says it is. How's that for cryptic? Are you intrigued? Don't you want to download this podcast now?

In any case, this interview turned out to be a perfect follow up to Episode 1 of the Midwest Cycling Podcast which featured Broken Spoke-sponsored professional cyclist, Cole House. Last week George and Broken Spoke came up several times so it was fitting to get to Green Bay and talk to him and Sarah about everything they have going on at their shop. And speaking of their shop, the new space they moved into at Green Bay's City Deck is stunning. If you get the chance, do stop by. 


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