Midwest Cycling Podcast Episode 3: Todd Poquette, Marji Gesick Race Promoter

Since we recorded last week's episode with George and Sarah from Broken Spoke Bike Studio we've been whirling around in a wretched tornado of regret, fear, and self doubt. You see, we got called out during that interview and we were challenged to sign up for next year's Marji Gesick 100 mountain bike race. We had heard so much about the MG100 since it took place a couple weeks ago, and we were already intrigued, and, let's be honest, a little baffled that anyone would do such a crazy thing. But I don't think either of us really thought we'd be signing up for the challenge any time soon, yet here we are. We've both signed up for the 2017 Marji Gesick and there's nothing left to do now but surrender to our fates and make nice with the cycling gods. Wish us luck, friends. We're gonna need it.

The fear and anxiety led us to reach out to the one and only, Todd Poquette, the sadistic mastermind behind the Marji. We figured that 1) we needed to learn more about what we'd gotten ourselves into, and 2) we were pretty certain Todd had an amazing story to tell. 

 Blame Todd? Todd's got your "Blame Todd" right here! We heard Todd gets flipped off a lot for coming up with the Marji Gesick. 

Blame Todd? Todd's got your "Blame Todd" right here! We heard Todd gets flipped off a lot for coming up with the Marji Gesick. 


Todd did indeed have an amazing story to tell. Several, in fact, so where do we begin with this one? This interview was unbelievably fun, for starters. For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Todd, you already know what a gregarious person he is. We could hear clearly in his voice his passion for his Marquette community, his love of mountain biking, not to mention the pure excitement when he talked about the Marji Gesick. Which, when you consider how brutal the MG is, is sorta sick!

Todd regaled us with tales of Tinker Juarez nearly killing with a single facebook message; getting flipped off countless times; and of course, the origins of the Marji Gesick Race. He also called out Mark, again, because at the time of the interview he had not yet signed up for next year's race. (Don't worry everyone, he's got it taken care of. And he's already shaking in his chamois, like me.)

We should note that we tried to have both Todd and Danny Hill, who's well known as the Mad Genius behind the trails and route of the Marji Gesick, but due to technical difficulties, we were not able to connect with him. Hopefully we can try again soon. We're sorry, Danny! Blame Todd! 

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--Mark & Sean


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