Midwest Cycling Podcast Episode 5: Cindy Petted of Wisconsin Women's Cycling and the Wisconsin Women's Fund

There's an old saying by Stephen Lawrence Winwood, and it goes a little something like this: Roll with it, baby.  When we started this podcast, way back in just-over-a-month-ago 2016, we planned on putting out an episode about once every two weeks, or so. Ish... But then we found ourselves lining up a whole bunch of interviews with a whole bunch of awesome people, and before we knew it we were putting this thing out there weekly. Well this week we decided to try a different release day to see if anyone cares. And we already got one complaint, so at least one person is paying attention! (Mind your business, Brad!) But the point is, we're just kinda rolling with the schedule here at the Midwest Cycling Podcast.


 Yourseses Truely and Cindy Petted at  Koldwave  last year. 

Yourseses Truely and Cindy Petted at Koldwave last year. 

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This week's guest is one of the people that inspired us to do the Midwest Cycling Podcast. We met Cindy and her husband Brian a few years ago at the Cross of the Century in Door County, WI. We were announcing that race and Cindy and Brian were there to watch and to ride the Door County Century the next day. Spoiler alert: We became friends! We borrowed Cindy's cowbells and gave her a case of gatorade and the rest, as they say, is off to the races! (That's what they say, right?)


We talked to Cindy about her business, Wisconsin Women's Cycling, and her non-profit, The Wisconsin Women's Fund. Through these entities Cindy works to help women break into the sport of cycling. We also talked about the Wisconsin Women's Century Ride and the Cindyrella Classic. And of course we covered Cindy's Origin Story as well. 

 If you've participated in any bike races in Wisconsin over the past few years, there's a good chance you've seen Cindy and the Wisconsin Women's Cycling crew. I think people - men and women - who are just beginning in the sport of cycling will enjoy this interview. I mean, everyone will enjoy this interview! But those who are new to the sport might glean a little extra from it. 

Thanks for listening!

--Mark & Sean


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