Midwest Cycling Podcast Episode 7, Part 2: Brian Davis of The Weatherneck and Fix It Sticks (no hyphen)

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We're back with Episode 7, Part 2, of the Midwest Cycling Podcast. Brian Davis, creator of The Weatherneck and Fix It Sticks continues to regale us with incredible stories. One involves one of your hosts undergoing a Supernova at Interbike and Brian subsequently taking an elevator ride with Bob Roll. In another, Brian explains how his contempt for people telling him what to do led to the creation of The Backbottle. Still another is about Brian nearly viral Tour of America's Dairyland crash video, and we also find out one of his nicknames. We talk about cycling mentors and the networking power of cycling, and of course, Brian answers our three closing questions: What was your first bike? What was the last bike you rode? And, what was your favorite ride/race/event, ever? 

 Any guesses as to what the nickname is? 

Any guesses as to what the nickname is? 

We want to thank Brian for having us in his "Skunkworks R&D Facility". Each one of these podcasts has been a great experience for us and this one was no different. The two episodes we've been able to do in person with our guests have been so much fun. In truth, they've all been extremely fun, but we normally do them remotely so it's always cool when we get to sit face-to-face with someone. And we'll leave you with this:

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