Midwest Cycling Podcast Episode 8: Kierstin Kloeckner of Silent Sports and Roots Rated, and Mileage Maven

This week's episode of the Midwest Cycling Podcast brings us another amazing guest. A guest who likely knows the backroads and gravel roads of the midwest as well as, or better than, almost anyone. She's been riding a bike (or big wheel) almost since birth. Which is weird because just last week our guest, Brian Davis, theorized that none of us came out of the womb on bikes. It only took us one week to disprove that theory. Sorry Brian.  

Kierstin Kloeckner is our guest this week, and we're so excited to share this one with you because Kierstin is truly a Mileage Maven and a quintessential representative of Midwest Cycling. She grew up racing and riding in Minnesota and now lives near Madison, WI, where she rides obsessively, and is involved in advocacy that helps make her community safer for people riding bikes. She loves to help people learn to ride year round and is an expert in winter cycling and commuting. She is truly one of the people that makes cycling in the Midwest awesome. And she loves Twinkies! 

 "Cycling is about Twinkies and bourbon!" -- Kierstin Kloeckner

"Cycling is about Twinkies and bourbon!" -- Kierstin Kloeckner



As I mentioned before, Kierstin tells us about being born on a bike. Or big wheel, rather, which of course means she grew up around cycling and bike racing. She tells of a youth dedicated to bike racing, about falling out of love with the sport as a teen, and then rediscovering the adventuresome side of cycling. We discuss her writing at Silent Sports Magazine and her blog, Two Wheels From Home. Also, if you're interested in becoming an advocate for cycling in your community Kierstin drops some great tips on how to get started, and if you ever have questions about how to dress for winter cycling, Kierstin is your women there, too. Soak up this interview, everyone. Kierstin is one of the great resources of our community. 

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