Midwest Cycling Podcast Season 2 Episode 2: Kaat Tahy, Promotor of the HellKaat Hundie Gravel Race.

This week the #MWCPod ventures back the east side of Lake Michigan to talk with Kaat Tahy, Race Director of the Hell Kaat Hunide. It was a bit of a strange one for us because Mark was unable to "attend" the interview, and I had to fly solo. 

We meet Kaat through our friend and previous podcast guest Mike Clark. Kaat and Mike race a tandem together on gravel, and when Mike started telling us about the Michigan gravel scene and about Kaat's race in particular, we knew we wanted to have her on the show. 



We say this a lot on the #MWCPod, but it's true: our guests are amazing. This week is no different. Not only does Kaat promote one of Michigan's best gravel races, but she also raises money for JDRF, which we've talked about on the #MWCPod before. But here's the rub: Kaat is dealing with Lupus. She needs a new kidney (Check out the links below!) but she puts a great deal of time and effort into helping people with Type 1 Diabetes. So our question is, what's in it for Kaat? Well, to find out, you'll just have to listen.