Midwest Cycling Podcast Season 2, Episode 4: Charly Tri of My Bike Guy Mobile Bike Repair


Mark my words, ladies and everyone else: mobile bicycle repair is the future of bicycle retail. Why it hasn't caught on sooner is beyond me. I used to work at a shop in Appleton, WI that offered to return customer's bikes to them by bicycle and bike trailer. It was a novelty. Today there are actual mobile bicycle repair franchises. Yours Truly has a mobile repair business in Eau Claire; our friends at Broken Spoke Bikes in Green Bay are launching their own mobile repair service; and our next guest has just launched his own mobile bike repair service, My Bike Guy, in Rochester, MN. 

It's the future, bike shop owners. Prepare yourselves. 


A couple years ago, I got a Facebook message from our guest inquiring about my mobile repair business. He told me he was thinking of starting his own, and asked if I thought it was possible. Anything is possible, my friends! And as Mark's mom says, dreams are free. So Charly and I talked mobile repair and I asked him to stay in touch and keep me posted, and he did! I ran into him at Frostbike this past February and we decided that mobile bike repair was something we needed to talk about on the #MWCPod. 

 Charly doesn't just fix bikes, he rides them, too! 

Charly doesn't just fix bikes, he rides them, too! 

As you'll see, Charly isn't just an innovative bike mechanic and future Uber driver. He's also a man who's dedicated to cycling and being a part of his community. He's done some pretty epic rides and shares some epic tales. And on top of it all, Charly is a fun guy to talk to , and we're really happy he took the time to talk to us. 


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