Midwest Cycling Podcast Season 2, Episode 6: Jason Engle, Curator of the Flyover Midwest Omnium Race Series


Two weeks ago, Mark and I were announcing the criterium at the La Crosse Omnium, which just so happened to be the omnium race that kicked off the Flyover Midwest Omnium Series. As everyone who's ever listened to the podcast knows, one of the biggest reasons we do this is because we love getting to meet amazing people, and we love to help them share their stories. So when Jason Engle came to the stage to introduce himself and explained that he was the man behind the Midwest Flyover Series, it was pretty obvious we had to get him on the #MWCPod. 


 Jason Engle not only promotes races, but he races in them, too. 

Jason Engle not only promotes races, but he races in them, too. 

When Jason moved away from Souther California six years ago to expand his business, and found himself living on the east side of South Dakota, he knew pretty quickly he'd have to find something to fill the daily thrill of surfing the big, sparkling waves of the Pacific ocean. And as you might have guessed, he turned to cycling, road racing.

After competing in some local races Jason realized there was potential in combining some of the Midwest's great cycling events into one series, and the idea for the Flyover Omnium Series was born. He drew on his background in motocross, in which race series travel throughout the season to different venues, and track points along the way. He's managed to secure some of the largest payouts you'll see at any races in the midwest, and on top of that, the men's and women's fields are racing for equal purses.

As you'll hear, Jason feels it's important to give back to his community, and he's chosen to do that with cycling and the Flyover Omnium Series. We always say Midwest is best, and Jason is one of the people who's making it that way. 


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